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All SafeQuip belts are made from forged steel and quality 3" webbing. All belts are pattern sewn for uniform stitch length and strength. SFI Certification is performed routinely to insure high quality and uniform production standards.

Belts come with either latch-and-link or kamlock hardware and in five or six point designs. You may also choose between pull-up or pull-down lap belt designs as well as Formula car belts, Euros, and Wraps. Available in three stock colors: red, blue, and black... all other colors are available by special order (call for information). Don't forget about our Blackbelt V belt and Hanz Belts.

Belts come with all necessary mounting hardware and are available in five standard designs (see sidebar). Custom sizing and designs are available!

All SafeQuip belts are custom made to order to insure that you have the most up-to-date materials and that you receive just what you request.

So what do I need to know when ordering belts?

SafeQuip belts are rewebbable every two years! Depending on what style and color belts you have, rewebbing prices range from $39.50 to $99.50 dollars.
The pricing scale is as follows:

5pt L&L $39.50
5pt KAM $69.50
6pt L&L $45.00
6pt KAM $75.00
6pt Euro $99.50
Hanz Refit $39.50

Latch-and-link Information:
The Latch-and-Link system is distinguished by a pivoting "hammer," called a Duckbill, which locks all of the belts into place. Both shoulder belts and sub belt are hooked over the link; the link is inserted into the latch; the Duckbill is then brought down into and over the link, securely holding all of the pieces.  Back

Kamlock Information: We offer three types of Kamlock systems.  

  1. The Lever Kamlock (left), has a lever on top which pivots up and down to either attach or release the belts.

  2. The Lost Motion (L/M) Kamlock is a FIA Kamlock (middle). It's handle turns left or right with 30* of movement before it locks or unlocks the belts. This is the Kamlock style you will find in Formula One and other European circuits.

  3. The standard, or Twist Kamlock (right), rotates clockwise or counterclockwise to unlock or lock the belts.

REMEMBER, all systems work with spring loaded tension. For a Kamlock to work properly, your belts must be tight at all times when you are in the car (this includes grid!)  

Please make sure to indicate what type of Kamlock you would like when ordering your belts.  Back

What is the difference between a Pull-up and Pull-down lap belt? On a pull-down lap belt, the adjusters are close to the latch-and-link or Kamlock.  To adjust the lap belt, drivers would pull the slack away from them.  On a pull-up lap belt, the adjusters are near the floor mounting points.  To adjust the lap belt, the driver would pull the slack toward him/her.  Pull-up lap belts are beneficial to Formula car drivers or other close cockpit cars where there is not much room to move your elbows outward.  Back

Hanz Shoulder Harness - Used with the leading Head & Neck Restraint System - these belts fit better than regular harnesses. They are 3-inch webbing narrowed to 2-inch and have a small strip of gripper rubber on the underside to help alleviate slipping. Developed by SAFEQUIP 3 years ago they are the answer to shoulder harness problems encountered with Head & Neck Restraints.

Yes, there is a difference between Formula Car belts and Euros! On a European 6pt. system (right), the sub belts wrap underneath each leg, go through loops on your lap belt, then over to your shoulder harnesses. A Formula Car belts system on the other hand is a standard 6pt. system where the sub belts buckle into the latch and link or kamlock. Both the Euros and the Formula Car systems are made shorter to accommodate driver and car.  Back









What is wrap? Wrap around belts do just that. They wrap around the rollbar, or any other tubular mounting point, using a 3-bar (right) slide.  Back





What is the difference between bolt-in and snap-in hardware? All of our belts come standard with bolt-in hardware (right) meaning your receive tabs that will bolt to the floor of your car, holding your belts securely. On the other hand, snap-in hardware (left) is a sort of clip that snaps over eyebolts.  Back

So what do I need to know when ordering belts? When you order SafeQuip belts, your set of belts is custom made to best fit you and your car. First of all, know that it may sometimes take up to two weeks, in the busy season, to get your belts to you. Secondly, know that these belts are going to be perfect for you, so they're worth the wait.


When you call or e-mail us:

  • Know what shoulder belt design you want.

  • Know what type of linkage you want: Kamlock or Latch-and-Link.

  • Know what color of webbing you want. There are three standard colors: red, black, and blue, but for a small fee, you can get whatever color you like. Silver, yellow, green, orange, purple, pink, etc.

  • Know what kind of mounting hardware you want.

  • Know whether you want a pull-up or pull-down lap belt.

  • Know the link of your mounting strap.  Have a friend measure from where your shoulder adjustments are to where you will be mounting the belts. If you have a Formula car, more measurements may be required.

Finally, let us know what sort of car you have and whether it has a roll bar or a full cage. Remember, our guys have been racing a long time and are familiar with most set ups. We can let you know what would be best if you're a little confused. Don't get discouraged. Unless you've been doing this a long time, it's OK that you don't know exactly what you need. That's why we're here to help!  Back